Strengthening national trademark

(VOVworld) – The National Trademark Program, which focuses on quality, renovation, creativity, and leading capability, intends to promote national images through product brand names. In global integration, developing a national trademark in the domestic and foreign markets is decisive in competing with foreign products.

Strengthening national trademark - ảnh 1
A ceremony to honor top Vietnamese trademarks 2016 (photo:

The national Trademark Program has carried out activities to promote trademarks and help enterprises improve business management, enhance marketing, and competitiveness. International integration and participation in free trade agreements have opened new opportunities for Vietnam’s economy.
President Tran Dai Quang told enterprises who won the National Trademarks recognition for 2016: “In order to improve competitiveness in international integration, it’s necessary to develop a national trademark. It requires efforts of the business community to obtain production goals and improve product quality so we can win both the domestic and overseas markets.”

Vietnamese enterprises have actively engaged in building their brand names, contributing to promoting Vietnam’s trademark. Vu Van Thanh, Deputy Director of Hoa Sen Group, said: “The National Trademark Program has generated conditions for enterprises to improve their trademarks. Obtaining the national trademark recognition helps us promote our products in the domestic and overseas markets.”    

In the international market, Vinamilk ranks 20th in the top 300 most dynamic companies in Asia. Trung Nguyen Coffee has over 1,000 facilities in Vietnam and other countries. They have brought Vietnamese products closer to consumers worldwide.
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