Successful “Meeting Vietnam 2013” opens new opportunities for science

(VOVworld) – “Meeting Vietnam 2013”, the 9th of these meetings, began on July 28 and will close on Saturday. Attending the event were 220 scientists from 30 countries and territories including 5 Nobel Laureates in Physics. The event is considered a golden opportunity for Vietnamese scientists to discuss their research with foreign scientists.

Successful “Meeting Vietnam 2013” opens new opportunities for science - ảnh 1
5 Nobel Laureates in Physics attend Meeting Vietnam 2013

“Meeting Vietnam 2013” was is organized by the Meeting Vietnam Association, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Binh Dinh province. This year’s event includes 4 symposiums: “cosmology in the Planck era”, “general relativity and gravitation”, “the fundamentals and applications of nanophysics”, and “windows on the universe”. There are also workshops on physics and astronomy. Professor Tran Thanh Van, an overseas Vietnamese living in France, is the founder of the Meeting Vietnam Association. “We hope Vietnam has a mechanism to help young Vietnamese scientists work more independently with better facilities.” Van said.

In addition to symposiums, “Meeting Vietnam 2013” saw the inauguration of the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE). The 20-hectare Center in Quy Nhon city consists of a large auditorium, conference rooms, and a planetarium. This is an international center where scientists can meet and exchange ideas. Doctor Truong Dinh Hien says: “This is a special meeting in the central region, which is a poor part of the country. The international scientific and educational center is expected to revitalize the region. The central region will become a scientific hub where foreign scientists will come to discuss important scientific developments in Vietnam and the world.”

“Meeting Vietnam 2013” has generated opportunities and provided new knowledge to young Vietnamese scientists and science students. Bui Van Pho is a postgraduate at Osaka University in Japan. “The event is especially useful. Even beyond my major, I’ve learned a lot related to my studies. This is a great opportunity.”

The first “Meeting Vietnam” was held in 1993. Since then, the annual event has boosted Vietnam’s basic science in nuclear physics, astronomical physics, and applied research. Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan says: “We focus on science and technology, applied sciences, and basic research. In addition to incentive mechanisms for scientists, the government will consider and approve national programs on physics development and invest more in some basic research sectors.”

“Meeting Vietnam 2013” has opened new opportunities for Vietnam. Its central region will become a major scientific center connecting Vietnamese and foreign scientists.