Talents attracted to promote Vietnam’s prosperity

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnam Innovation Network was launched on Sunday allowing Vietnamese scientists here and abroad to share their visions and strategies for scientific and technological development in Vietnam. More than 100 overseas Vietnamese scientists participate in the program.
Talents attracted to promote Vietnam’s prosperity - ảnh 1

In the context of the 4th industrial revolution, Vietnam is devising a national strategy focused on big data, robot technology, and AI. The Vietnamese government is pushing technological innovation and working to attract talent that can boost national growth and narrow Vietnam’s development gap with other countries.

Human resources are important to the development of science and technology but an individual or group is not enough. A network is needed to connect Vietnamese scientists around the world.

A number of networks linking scientists and enterprises have been set up but they have failed to create products that change people’s lives, fulfill development needs, or increase businesses’ competitiveness and for that reason they didn’t appeal to overseas Vietnamese intellectuals. Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Tri Dung said: “With the Vietnam Innovation Network, young Vietnamese scientists here and abroad are connected, creating a strong new resource for Vietnam’s development. Their contributions can help Vietnam keep pace with more advanced countries.”

Incentives to promote innovation

The Vietnam Innovation Network encourages scientists to come up with innovative ideas and calls on businesses to invest in them.

Ministries and agencies will collect scientists’ ideas and then advise the government on strategies, mechanisms, and institutions. Associate Professor Doctor Ho Anh Van with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology said: “Intellectuals here and abroad are the key to the success of the Vietnam Innovation Network. The network inspires overseas Vietnamese intellectuals to contribute to the homeland’s science and technology development. The government needs to promote both competition and cooperation.”