Tension in US-Cuba relations

(VOVWORLD) -US President Donald Trump has extended the national emergency on Cuba and regulations governing the anchorage and movement of vessels in Cuban territorial waters. Trump’s latest policies toward Cuba have set back bilateral relations.
Tension in US-Cuba relations - ảnh 1

President Trump announced his decision a few days after a US Congressional delegation concluded a three-day visit to Cuba. The new policies say American vessels may not enter Cuban territorial waters without US government permission. The White House mentioned similar measures issued in 1996, 2004, and 2016.

Unfriendly policies

The US’s unfriendly polices have intensified tensions with Cuba. One week after the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for an end to the US’s economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed on Cuba, Washington unveiled a list of Cuban officials banned from transactions with or entering the US. The US has tightened sanctions against Cuba over alleged "sonic attacks" on US diplomats, which Cuba has flatly denied. The US withdrew more than half of its diplomats in Cuba, expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from the US, and suspended its consulate activities in Cuba. President Trump signed the National Security Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States toward Cuba which stops people-to-people exchange and allows only family visits.

Gloomy future

A US Congressional delegation led by Senator Patrick Leahy came to Cuba on February 19 to discuss bilateral cooperation in maritime safety, search and rescue, drug and human trafficking, and immigration. They also discussed “sonic attacks” and the health of American diplomats in Cuba. But the meeting and any effect it may have on US-Cuba relations hasn’t been widely covered in the media.

US-Cuba relations warmed during President Barack Obama’s term, but Trump’s policies have reversed the situation and created new problems.

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