Three national plans under discussion

(VOVWORLD) -The 7th session of the 12th Party Central Committee is taking place in Hanoi. High on the agenda are plans to develop personnel at all levels, reform salary policy, and social insurance policy. Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong’s opening speech focused on these issues.
Three national plans under discussion - ảnh 1General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam

Mr. Trong said personnel quality is a key and decisive factor for success in national development.

Human resource development to meet demand of each and every period

Party leader Trong quoted a resolution of the 12th National Party Congress on personnel work which identified the need to build a contingent of competent cadres, particularly at a strategic level, for key periods and tasks. The Party Secretariat has established a Steering Committee to implement the 12th Party Central Congress’s missions and review 20 years of implementing “The strategy on cadres in the period of national industrialisation and modernisation enhancement” issued by the 8th Party Central Committee in 1997.

The Party leader asked the Party Central Committee to explain why the Communist Party of Vietnam’s guidelines and policies on improving personnel and Party members have been ineffective. “We need to necessary to analyze and forecast domestic and global issues, identify new demands and tasks in the new situation, and positive and negative impacts on staff and personnel work. We need to reach consensus on short and long term guidelines and targets to create a breakthrough in building a contingent of competent staff at all levels, especially the strategic level.”

Fundamentally reforming salary policy

Party leader Trong said salary policy is an important factor and is closely linked with other political and social policies because it directly relates to economic balance, the labor market, and people’s lives and contributes to building an elite, transparent, and effective political system and combating corruption and waste. Mr. Trong said: “Consensus should be made on the necessity, urgency, and feasibility of reforming salary policy with clear viewpoints, guidelines, and general and specific targets for each period to obtain breakthrough results and resolve shortcomings. The new salary policy should motivate workers and the economy to improve productivity, quality, efficiency, and competition.”

Expanding social insurance coverage

The Party leader asked the Party Central Committee to summarize and analyze the situation, make mid- and long-term forecasts on the socio-economy, the state budget, and people’s incomes. He said: “We need to identify viewpoints and reform targets and content such as expanding the coverage of social insurance to all people,  ensuring financial and social insurance balance, adjusting the retirement age in the new period, combining types of insurance, and adhering to a principle that retirement allowances change at a different rate from the salaries of working people. It’s important to take into consideration the public and private sector, working and retired people, farmers, poor people, and disadvantaged people.”

The 7th session of the 12th Party Central Committee is being held with Vietnam experiencing positive changes and opportunities. The Party leader urged members of the Party Central Committee to finalize reports and come up with decisions at the end of the session. 

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