Tightening discipline to enhance Party strength

(VOVworld) – Discipline has been an important factor in ensuring the survival and development of the Communist Party of Vietnam over the past 80 years. The Party has been reforming itself and tighten internal discipline to improve its strength and transparency.

Tightening discipline to enhance Party strength - ảnh 1
The 4th plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee

Party discipline is bases on the camaraderie of people who share the same ideology and work for the interest of the working class and the nation. Party members and organizations are bound by the principles of democratic centralism and political, ideological, and organizational consensus.

Strengthening Party discipline

Tightening discipline to enhance Party strength - ảnh 2
Senior Lieutenant-General Nguyen Van Rinh

Discipline requires self-consciousness and compliance. Party members must follow Party rules and management anywhere and anytime and strengthen Party discipline by heightening their sense of responsibility.
Senior Lieutenant-General Nguyen Van Rinh, President of the Vietnam Association of Agent Orange/ Dioxin victims, said: “All Party members must comply with Party regulations. There is no exception regardless of one’s position in the Party. The heads of the Party cells have to be exemplary models for other Party members to follow.”

In order to tighten discipline, it’s necessary to enhance democracy. These two factors have a reciprocal influence.

Heightening the sense of responsibility

The resolution adopted at the 4th plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee pointed out 27 signs of degradation and self-transformation among certain Party members. It’s an important issue tied to Party survival and could weaken the Party’s leadership. The resolution also mentioned ways to fight degradation and self-evolution and strengthen Party discipline.
Senior Lieutenant-General Nguyen Van Rinh said every Party member needs an action plan for implementing the resolution. “We need to promote democracy and excite the fighting spirit of Party members. Regular meetings of Party cells should create a bridge between the Party and the people. Party members must elevate their self-consciousness and honesty, and fulfill their duties and oaths to serve the Party, people, and nation.”


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