Vietnam and Francophony deepen cooperation

(VOVworld) – President Tran Dai Quang will attend the 16th summit of Francophone countries in Antananarivo, Madagascar, starting Saturday.

Vietnam and Francophony deepen cooperation - ảnh 1
Prime Minister of Madagascar, Olivvier Solonandrasana, welcomes Prime Minister Tran Dai Quang at Ivato international airport

At the initiative of late French President Francois Mitterrand, the first summit of French speaking countries (Francophony) was held in Paris in February, 1986, attended by 40 representatives.

A diverse community

The Francophone community now includes 80 members countries and observers from 5 continents and consists of 220 million French-speaking people. A consistent goal of the community is promoting French at international forums. Francophony has advocated for language diversity at international forums and backed UNESCO’s 2005 International Convention on Cultural Diversity. It has also engaged in international efforts to ensure peace and security, seek long-term solutions for crises and conflicts, and back democracy and law building in emerging African countries.

In recent years, Francophony has turned to economic cooperation to generate jobs for women and children. In November, 2014, Francophony issued a document expressing its concern about East Sea, calling on claimants to practice restraint and resolve disputes through peaceful measures based on international law, including the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and applauding efforts to maintain peace, security, stability, and freedom of navigation and aviation in the region.

Vietnam is an active Francophony member

Almost all French-speaking countries supported Vietnam’s struggle for independence in the 20th century, considering it a symbol of national liberation. Over the past 30 years Vietnam has received much financial and technical support from Francophony. It’s a platform for Vietnam to enhance its relationships with African countries.

The 7th Francophone summit organized in Vietnam in 1997 highlighted economic cooperation along with political, cultural, linguistic, and educational cooperation. Vietnam has been involved in all the group’s activities from administrative and financial reforms to education and development. It is a key member with a prominent voice. Vietnam had held many important positions including Chairman of the Permanent Council of Francophony, Chairman of the Ministerial Conference of Francophony, Chairman of the Summit in 1997-1998, and Vice Chairman of the Francophone Parliamentary Alliance.

Francophone agencies and member countries have carried out projects in Vietnam to teach French at schools and universities and conduct research on technology, economics, pharmacy, and law. The French University Agency has established French spaces and digital technology in 3 cities in Vietnam, and has deployed small projects on IT, law, energy, the environment, poverty reduction, teacher training, and equipping schools in disadvantaged areas.   

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