Vietnam, ASEAN single-window mechanisms connected

(VOVworld) – Vietnam has officially introduced its national single-window mechanism with connectivity to the ASEAN single-window mechanism. Vietnam and 6 other ASEAN members have developed single-window mechanisms in line with their just commitment. This is an important step in Vietnam’s economic integration towards the formation of an ASEAN community later this year.

Vietnam, ASEAN single-window mechanisms connected - ảnh 1
ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh addresses the event

The national single-window customs mechanism is an online public service model based on an automated customs clearance system. The mechanism aims to reduce customs procedures by 15% to 30%. The single-window mechanisms of ASEAN and its members will simplify administrative procedures in import and export activities, and increase connectivity among ASEAN countries.

Vietnam fulfills its commitment

Since ASEAN agreed to push ahead with the formation of an ASEAN Economic community, ASEAN economic ministers have worked on a list of prioritized measures toward the target. Besides commitments to reduce tariffs and provide incentives for investment and trade, customs clearance reform is another important measure.

The World Bank calculates that one day’s delay in customs clearance reduces the volume of import and export products 1%. In ASEAN it takes an average of 20 days for one shipment to clear customs, which increases business costs and obstructs economic growth. The ASEAN single-window mechanism is a top priority in building an ASEAN economic community by the end of this year. Cao Thanh Diep, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said: “All the ASEAN countries have been trying to build their national single-window customs mechanism to connect with the ASEAN single-window mechanism. The ASEAN single-window mechanism is being piloted and is scheduled to be officially launched in one or 2 years. Vietnam has fulfilled a majority of its commitments in many sectors.”

Vietnam has taken the lead in implementing commitments including the operation of a national single-window mechanism. Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam have all introduced single-window mechanisms and Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are ready to connect with the ASEAN mechanism in December. ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh talked about Vietnam’s mechanism: “Vietnam’s participation in the current end-to-end test of the ASEAN Single Window enables infrastructure in the exchange of the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement Form D, together with the other four exchange-ready Member States. This is a big motivation for the remaining member states to join the ASEAN Single Window live operation targeted for the end of this year. It confirms the ability of a member state to comply with the national level requirements in a limited time and fulfill its commitments at the regional level, contributing to the successful conclusion of the implementation of the full-fledged ASEAN Single Window Pilot Project, enhancing trade efficiency and competitiveness in the region in general and in Viet Nam in particular.”

Firm integration into the regional economy

Vietnam and other ASEAN countries will complete connectivity to the ASEAN single-window mechanism in December.

Since Vietnam joined ASEAN 20 years ago, ASEAN has become one of Vietnam’s most important trade partners, accounting for 14% of Vietnam’s trade revenue. The national single-window mechanism will be a primary tool for improving Vietnam’s competitiveness in global integration.

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