Vietnam contributes to ASEM cooperation

(VOVworld) – Vietnam’s hosting of the conference to promote the Asia-Europe partnership in the 21st century has illustrated its deep engagement in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) to strengthen cooperation between the two continents.

Vietnam contributes to ASEM cooperation  - ảnh 1

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) was established in March 1996. Over the past 20 years, it has become the biggest cooperative forum between Asia and Europe.

ASEM’s achievements during 2 decades of development

From 26 founding members, ASEM now has 53 members including 4 countries which are permanent members of the UN Security Council and 12 countries which are members of the G20. ASEM represents 62% of the world population, 57% of the global GDP, and 68% of global trade. ASEM has obtained achievements in promoting an equal partnership between the two continents in various sectors. Through constructive dialogues, ASEM members have promoted cooperation based on mutual understanding and trust, equality for mutual benefits, compliance with international law and a common code of conduct to avoid conflict and maintain peace, security, stability, and prosperity on both continents.

In the future ASEM will focus on reforming and improving its cooperation activities to match the new situation. ASEM leaders will discuss these activities at the 11th ASEM summit in Mongolia in July.

Vietnam’s contributions to ASEM

Vietnam’s engagement in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) as a founding member in 1996 marked a major step in implementing its policies of expansion, multilateralization, diversification of relations, and international economic integration. Vietnam has been an active member of ASEM over the past two decades.   

Cooperation with other Asian-European partners has benefited Vietnam, particularly its businesses. ASEM members are all top economic-trade partners of Vietnam, contributing 70 percent of Vietnam’s foreign direct investment, 70 percent of its international trade value, and 80 percent of its foreign tourists. Fourteen out of 16 free trade agreements that Vietnam has signed or is negotiating are with ASEM partners.

Vietnam has closely coordinated with ASEAN members to maintain peace, security, and stability for development, and has raised its voice to defend its sovereignty, addressing disputes through peaceful means in line with international law. Vietnam has gained experience and practical support from ASEM members to cope with climate change, water resource management, and environmental protection.

Continuous engagement in ASEM

As Vietnam enters a new development phase and pushes ahead with renovation, economic restructuring, and international integration, its Asian and European partners in ASEM become increasingly important. Vietnam will increase its contributions to ASEM and work closely with other ASEM members to strengthen the Asia-Europe comprehensive partnership.
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