Vietnam, Egypt eye stronger tourism cooperation

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam and Egypt have both emerged as attractive tourist destinations. Their cutting and famous tourist attractions give them a strong potential for cooperation.
Vietnam, Egypt eye stronger tourism cooperation - ảnh 1Vietnam and Egypt held a workshop in Cairo, June 27 to boost tourism cooperation 

Tourism has become the spearhead economic sector in both Vietnam and Egypt. Last year Vietnam received 15.6 million foreign tourists, Egypt received 9 million. Revenues from tourism have boosted both countries’ GDP. Their hospitality sectors have generated millions of jobs and promoted their national culture. Assistant to Egyptian Minister of Tourism Emad Hassan said: “I’m sure there are many things we can do together. We can invite private sector companies to our countries to figure out what we can offer to each and other side. At the same time, we can figure out the things to visit, what type of transport, airport for example, and culture things like Vietnamese tourists are interested in. There are a lot of things we can do to boost bilateral tourism cooperation.”

Over the past few years, the number of Vietnamese tourists visiting Egypt has averaged more than 1,300 per year. About 900 Egyptian tourists visit Vietnam each year. President of the Egyptian Tourism Committee Farouk Mahfuz said Vietnam has great tourism potential with beautiful landscapes, hospitable people, social stability and development. He said: “Actually, Vietnam is a nice country. Vietnamese people are kind. This is what I saw in Vietnam by myself. There are many things that attract Egyptian tourists like go shopping. Egyptian people like shopping. We have to solve the problem of flights because 60% of the cost of the package goes to flights.”

According to Al Fouad Travel’s Marketing Manager Ahmed Hassan, Vietnam needs more tourism promotion programs to attract more tourists from Egypt and the Middle East.

Egyptian travel agencies say the two countries’ tourism sectors need connectivity and experience sharing for sustainable development.