Vietnam wishes Cambodia stability, peace, development

(VOVWORLD) - Cambodia’s National Election Committee (NEC) has predicted that more than 8.3 million eligible voters, out of a population of 16 million people, will go to the polls on Sunday to elect parliamentarians and form a Royal Government for the next 5-year term. For the sake of good-neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation, and long-lasting stability, Vietnam hopes that Cambodia will have a successful election.
Vietnam wishes Cambodia stability, peace, development - ảnh 1Preparation for Cambodia's election.

20 political parties will contest the election, including newly-established parties and long-established parties like the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP), the Funcinpec Party, and the Khmer Nationalist Party.

Cambodian People’s Party and prosperous development

During the 5th parliament, the Cambodian People’s Party ruling government has steered the nation out of difficulties to ensure peace, stability, and social security.

The CPP has ruled the country for 39 years, achieving major results, lifting Cambodia out of the shadows of the past, achieving growth in all sectors, and ensuring peace, national independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty. Peace and stability have greatly benefited socio-economic development. In the first half of this year, Cambodia’s economy continued to expand; people’s lives were improved; and social security policies were well implemented.

Vietnam, Cambodia strengthen relations

Vietnam and Cambodia have nurtured a relationship of good neighborliness. The two countries established diplomatic ties 50 years ago. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh said: “This is an important milestone in Vietnam-Cambodia relations. Through different historical periods, the countries have developed a close relationship thank to the merits of their leaders and people. Their military forces fought side by side against the Polpot regime, reviving Cambodia to its present prosperity.”

Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister and President of the CPP, said during a visit to Vietnam that Vietnam helped Cambodia in its most difficult period. The Cambodian fatherland and people will forever remember from the bottom of their hearts the merit of Vietnamese advisors and volunteer soldiers for their successful accomplishment of the noble international mission in Cambodia. He said regardless of global changes, solidarity between the two countries is unshakable.

Vu Mao, President of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association, said: “Vietnam and Cambodia have built a special relationship. In history, we experienced ups and downs. Now it’s important that the younger generation will further reinforce our friendship.”

Vietnam wishes Cambodia stability, peace, and prosperity

The election on July 29 will be the sixth since 1993. Under the wise leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the CPP, Cambodia has become a country of freedom, peace, and stability. It welcomed 5.6 million tourists last year. Vietnam wishes general election success for Cambodia to pave the way for prosperity.

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