Vietnamese Catholics enjoy a Merry Christmas

(VOVWORLD) - Christmas atmosphere is prevailing around the world. In Vietnam, the holiday season has arrived at every quarter.

Since early December, Christians and churches have been preparing for Christmas. Leaders of the Party, State, Fatherland Front, and local administrations have extended Christmas greetings to all Catholics.

Merry Christmas

Dioceses in Ninh Binh province have been beautifully decorated with flowers and colored lights. Priest Nguyen Van Giao, President of the province’s Catholics Solidarity Committee, said: “The atmosphere is very exciting. This is the biggest celebration of the Catholics. The local administration and others have supported us in celebrating the occasion.”

Priest Tran Xuan Manh, President of the Vietnam Catholics Solidarity Committee, told VOV: “All Catholics are very happy this year. We will organize the Christmas celebration in an atmosphere of joy, solidarity, safety, and thrift. We want to promote solidarity among religious and non-religious people toward the goal of a prosperous people, a strong country, a just, democratic, and civilized society.”

Christmas of friendship

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh has visited the Hanoi Archdiocese, the Vietnam Protestant Church, the Vietnam Religion Solidarity Committee, and the Archdioceses of Ninh Binh, Hue, and Da Nang.

Leaders of the Vietnam Fatherland Front as well as ministries, sectors and local administrations have congratulated Catholica on Christmas. Priest Nguyen Xuan An of the Phat Diem diocese said: “The local administration has supported our religious activities. We have also received support from organizations and the local administration in organizing Christmas celebrations in Phat Diem diocese.”

Enforcement of the Law on Religion and Belief has enhanced the relationship between Catholics and non-Catholics. Priest Nguyen Van Giao said: “The good relationship between the Vatican and the State of Vietnam has benefited Vietnamese Catholics. 27 dioceses with 40 Archbishops and 5,000 priests have fulfilled their religious and social tasks. Many priests are members of the Catholic Solidarity Committee and participate in other social activities to contribute to local socio-economic development.”