Vietnam-Japan relations

(VOVworld) – Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong began an official visit to Japan on Tuesday. The visit, the most important event in Vietnam-Japan relations in 2015, is aimed at deepening the two countries’ exclusive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia. 

Over the last decade Vietnam and Japan have continued to increase mutual trust and understanding and make the most of their similarities to improve cooperation effectiveness. Mr. Trong’s visit is expected to create a new vision for bilateral ties.

Cooperation, an important factor in long-lasting relationship

Political trust has been central to Vietnam-Japan relations. Despite differing political regimes and economic models, Vietnam and Japan have always maintained mutual trust and respect based on their cultural similarities. Bilateral relations have been consolidated steadily through high-level visits. Former Japanese ambassador to Vietnam Mitsuo Sakaba said: “Several high-ranking Vietnamese officials visited Japan in a short period of time and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also visited Vietnam. Our leaders also met regularly at international conferences and forums. This demonstrates a high level of trust between the two countries.”

Practical cooperation

In the 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties Vietnam and Japan have become one another’s most important partner. Many of Vietnam’s major facilities were built with Japan’s ODA and technical assistance. These include the Nhat Tan bridge, the Noi Bai International Terminal, and belt road 3 in Hanoi.

Japan has been Vietnam’s biggest ODA provider over the last 20 years. Japan’s committed ODA for Vietnam in the 2015 fiscal year increased 3 folds from 2014. Vietnam and Japan upgraded their relationship to an exclusive strategic partnership in 2014. Japan is currently Vietnam’s second biggest investor.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe choosing Vietnam for his first foreign trip after his election in 2013 indicated Japan’s great concern for its relations with Vietnam.

Future-oriented Vietnam-Japan relations

Vietnamese ambassador to Japan Nguyen Quoc Cuong said Mr. Trong’s visit will be  the most important event in bilateral ties in 2015: “Japanese leaders value Vietnam’s increasing role and position in the region and the world and want to increase effective and practical cooperation with Vietnam. Both countries hope that the visit will be a great success, contributing to peace, cooperation, and development in the region and the world.”

During the visit Mr. Trong and Prime Minister Abe will discuss political, security, economic, and development cooperation issues and strengthening coordination at regional and global forums. They will also discuss ways to deepen bilateral ties. Japanese ambassador to Vietnam Fukada Hiroshi said: “The two countries have been working closely together for peace, security, and prosperity in Asia and the world. I hope that Vietnam and Japan will continue to develop bilateral ties and become each other’s best partner.”

Based on their leaders’ political determination, Vietnam and Japan have great potential for increased cooperation and mutual assistance for national development.