Vietnam’s press in the 4th industrial revolution

(VOVWORLD) - The 4th industrial revolution is having a strong impact on journalism worldwide. Vietnam’s media agencies and reporters need to take advantage of new technology to approach more audience.
Vietnam’s press in the 4th industrial revolution - ảnh 1 (Archive photo)

Vietnam has 850 press agencies, 18,000 licensed journalists, and 22,000 members of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association.

The 4th industrial revolution has changed the way reporters work. They can work anywhere and anytime on laptops or digital cameras with an internet connection. People can select the news they are interested in whenever and wherever they want. They can get involved in the communication process.

The boom of social networks like Facebook and Youtube has made it difficult to manage misinformation. Deputy Editor-in-chief of Infonet, Nguyen Ba, said: “Internet users and people working in the digital environment face the risk of cyber attacks, damaged files, and hacked personal information. Reporters may share fake news if they don’t carefully verify sources. Their internet accounts may be hijacked to spread false information. Reporters using social networks are vulnerable to cyber attacks.”

Reporters need to be knowledgeable about digital devices, website design, and computer programming. Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said the core of the press is knowledge and work ethics. “The media should honor good people, good deeds, and role models and encourage patriotic emulation movements and the drive to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality, and style. The media helps spread good values and optimism in society to motivate national construction and defense.”