Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013

The following are the top ten events in Vietnam in 2013 selected by VOV:

1. The 13th National Assembly approves the revised Constitution

At its 6th session on November 28th, the 13th National Assembly adopted the revised Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with 97.59% of the votes. This is the Constitution of a period of comprehensive and synchronous renovation in economics and politics. The Constitution promotes human rights and citizens’ rights and obligations and affirms that all state power belongs to the people.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 1
The 6th session of the 13th National Assembly

2. The 11th Party Central Committee releases key resolutions on national sustainable development

The 7th and 8th Plenum of the 11th Party Central Committee approved several resolutions on reforming and fine-tuning the political system from central to grassroots level, organizing strategic personnel, adapting to climate change and protecting natural resources and the environment. Resolutions on radical and comprehensive educational reform and national defense in the new situation were also issued.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 2
The 8th Plenum of the 11th Party Central Committee
3. Major achievements recorded in external relations

Vietnam established strategic partnerships with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy and France. Vietnam and the US set up the framework of a comprehensive partnership. Vietnam was elected to the UN Human Rights Council and the World Heritage Committee. Vietnam’s message on “building strategic trust” in international relations was well received by the world community.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 3
Vietnam, France mark 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties

4. Macro economy stabilized, growth maintained, inflation controlled, social security ensured

In 2013, Vietnam’s GDP increased 5.42%, inflation was steady at 6.04% and the poverty rate fell below 8%. Economic restructuring and revision of the growth model were intensified, especially the restructuring of the finance and banking sector and state-owned enterprises.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 4
Vietnam's export of electronics rises
5. Legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap dies at 103

General Vo Nguyen Giap, talented general, outstanding strategist and commander and devoted student of President Ho Chi Minh, died at the age of 103. His death affected all Vietnamese people, just as his life enriched humanity and strengthened Vietnamese values.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 5
General Vo Nguyen Giap
6. Resolutely combating corruption restores public trust

The Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption under the Party Political Bureau instructed relevant agencies to investigate, prosecute and bring to trial 8 corruption-related cases including 2 serious and complicated cases involving the Finance Leasing Company of the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, the Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines) and the Asian Commercial Bank. Several defendants were sentenced to death.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 6
Court verdict on property embezzlement case at Vinalines
7. Record number of typhoons and low pressures hit Vietnam

This year, Vietnam was hit by 19 typhoons and low pressures including two typhoons that devastated central Vietnam. 300 people died and losses were estimated at more than 1 billion USD. The level of destruction points to a growing need for new behaviors to mitigate natural disasters and the effects of climate change.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 7
Central Vietnam tries to recover from typhoon Nari.
8. Vietnam’s population reaches 90 million

On November 1, 2013, Vietnam welcomed its 90 millionth citizen becoming the 14th most populous country in the world. Vietnam now has a golden population structure, meaning there are at least 2 people of the working age for each dependent person. This poses both opportunities and challenges for Vietnam in improving the quality of its population and human resource.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 8
Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan and Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien welcome the 90 millionth Vietnam citizen
9. Worries about health care, environmental pollution and food hygiene remain

Many problems were reported in the health care sector including the blood test copying in Hanoi’s Hoai Duc hospital, the Cat Tuong beauty salon case, the hazardous chemical waste case of Nicotex company in Thanh Hoa and many cases of unhygienic food, stoking worries about life quality in Vietnam. In addition, traffic accidents, fires and floods seriously impacted people’s lives.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 9
Cat Tuong beauty salon

 10. “Don ca tai tu” or amateur singing recognized as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO

The art of Don ca tai tu music and songs appeared in the southern region more than a century ago. This art was recognized for its wide cultural influence and unique artistic value. Vietnam now has 8 types of art or religion recognized by UNESCO as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Vietnam’s top ten events of 2013 - ảnh 10
A performance of Don Ca Tai Tu