Viettel 4G network contributes to wider IT application

(VOVworld) – The Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group – Viettel –has set up across Vietnam a 4G network, which is 7 to 10 times faster than the previous 3G network. The new technology will make IT applications, particularly e-government and public administration services, more efficient.

Viettel 4G network contributes to wider IT application - ảnh 1
The launch of Viettel 4G network (photo:

Viettel is the first telecommunications supplier in Vietnam to offer 4G service nationwide. Its 36,000 4G stations, covering 95% of the population, use 4T4R antenna technology to extend coverage 40% and double download speeds compared to the previous 2T2R technology.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Phan Tam, said the new 4G network is the result of a tremendous effort by Viettel and the telecommunications sector to take advantage of the 4th industrial revolution. “The Ministry of Information and Communications applauds Viettel’s breakthrough in realizing the national broadband program until 2020. It will serve over95% of the population, providing minimum speed of 4Mb/second in urban areas and 2Mb/second in rural areas.”

Viettel’s new 4G network and IT services will give a major boost to national socio-economic development. Viettel Deputy General Director Hoang Son said: “We have invested in today’s most advanced technology to ensure greater speed and coverage, and we’ll continue to optimize and improve our service to ensure the highest possible quality.”

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