Voters’ meeting, important in any election

(VOVworld)- By April 14th, the local Vietnam Fatherland Fronts had finalized the official lists of nominees for the upcoming National Assembly and the People’s Council elections. Voters who are neighbours of nominees gave comments on their abilities, ethics, and behaviors within their residential community, in the hope that, once elected, these deputies will be true representatives of the people. VOV’s Lai Hoa and Le Thom report.

Voters’ meeting, important in any election - ảnh 1
The people vote on nominees for the 14th National Assembly elections in Hanoi

Meetings of voters in residential areas are important for instilling in National Assembly nominees, the pride and responsibility necessary to be representatives of the people. Voter feedback motivates candidates to work harder to live up to the people’s expectations.

Voters select qualified candidates

Voters in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, say the National Assembly is increasingly exercising its function as the people’s representative. During a National Assembly Q&A session, deputies raise issues of public concern and the ministers try to answer satisfactorily. Voter Vu Manh Kha says this is a big step toward greater democracy: “I realise that democracy is being implemented. Vietnam is now more in the spotlight. I hope that the new deputies will be more competent than before. A deputy’s capacity is more important than other factors”.

Le Minh Thong, Vice Secretary General  of the National Assembly, said collecting voters’ opinions is crucial to eliminating incompetent and unqualified candidates: “The results of the third consultative meeting reflect the voters’ opinions on nominees. Based on that, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and relevant agencies sort out eligible candidates in accordance with law and forward the preliminary lists of candidates to the National Electoral Council and to the Electoral Councils at local levels, who will decide the final lists”.

Voters’ meeting, important in any election - ảnh 2
The Vietnam Fatherland Front in Binh Duong province hosts a consultative meeting (Photo: VNA)

Mandatory electoral procedure

Bui Van Xuyen, a standing member of National Assembly Law Committee, said meetings of voters in residential areas are where the people exercise their oversight of the cadres and motivate them make greater efforts for the people: “This is a mandatory process, in which voters express how much they trust a nominee who is also their neighbor. This is voters’ first chance to comment on the qualifications of a nominee, including their lifestyle, morals, and the relationship with the community. Only nominees who meet the requirements are eligible to undergo the third consultative meetings”.

Because of their importance, the voters’ meetings are held in a careful and systematic manner.