VOV and Vietnam’s history

(VOVworld) – VOV contributed significantly to Vietnam’s past resistance against foreign invaders and is playing an important role in Vietnam’s current development and renewal. Over the past 70 years VOV has continued to be the voice of the Party and state.
VOV and Vietnam’s history - ảnh 1
VOV President Nguyen Dang Tien addresses the celebration of VOV's 70th anniversary
VOV’s traditional hall was inaugurated on August 26 to mark VOV’s 70th anniversary. It helps to revive VOV’s history, achievements, and contributions to Vietnam’s development.

VOV in the vanguard of the ideological front

VOV’s first broadcast at 11:00 on September 7, 1945, was the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence read by President Ho Chi Minh, which gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. During the resistance against the French and the US VOV promptly communicated Party and state guidelines and encouraged people throughout the nation to fight for independence and freedom.

VOV has been an important media organization and in the vanguard of the ideological front, helping to reflect Party and state policies and people’s aspirations. Vu Van Hien, Vice President of the Central Theoretical Council and VOV’s former President, said:“During the national resistance against the US, VOV served as a bridge between the front and the rear. Some of VOV’s programs contained secret orders from the Central Command in Hanoi to the southern fronts.”    

Over the last 70 years, the Voice of Vietnam, through its overseas programs, mobilized the world public’s support for Vietnam’s national liberation struggles and have helped them better understand Vietnam, its land, people, culture and development. VOV President Nguyen Dang Tien said:“Support by the world public contributed greatly to our victory over the French colonialists and American aggressors. Overseas service programs played an important role in this effort. The Vietnamese Party, government and President Ho Chi Minh always placed a high value on Radio the Voice of Vietnam always placed a high value on overseas communications and overseas radio service. I highly appreciate efforts made by the overseas service which have also been recognized with several distinctions and medals”.

The Vietnamese Party and State have presented the Voice of Vietnam with several orders, medals and distinctions in recognition of its great contribution to national construction and defense. They include the Ho Chi Minh Order (1990,2010), the Gold Star Order (1995), and the titles Labor Hero in Renovation (2001), and Hero of the Armed Forces (2009).

Creating breakthroughs for further developments

In the current process of national renovation and integration, the Voice of Vietnam has developed 4 media platforms: radio, print, TV and online. VOV now has 6 radio channels including News and Current Affairs channel- VOV1, the Education, Science, and Cultural life Channel- VOV2, the Music and Infotainment Channel- VOV3, the Ethnic Language Channel- VOV4, the World Service- VOV5 and the VOV National Traffic Channel. The Voice of Vietnam also has 17 TV channels. With more than 3,400 reporters, technicians, broadcasters, and artists, 6 domestic bureaus and 10 overseas bureaus, the Voice of Vietnam continues to grow as a multimedia agency providing news updates to listeners in Vietnam and around the world.