Hai Phong–city of bridges

(VOVWORLD) - Hai Phong impresses visitors with its numerous bridges and their interesting names – Quay, Xi mang, and Rao, among others. The bridges are testaments to the city’s development.
Hai Phong–city of bridges - ảnh 1 Photo: haiphong.gov.vn

Hai Phong is not just a port city – it is a city of bridges and red flamboyant flowers. A record number of bridges20 were built Hai Phong in the last 5 years.

3 new bridges have been built across the Lach Tray river, connecting Duong Kinh, Kien An, and An Duong district. In the middle of last year, the 5.4-km Tan Vu-Lach Huyen sea-bridge was built, connecting Cat Hai island with the mainland. Other bridges,including Tam Bac, Quay, Nguyen Binh Khiem, and Le Hong Phong, have been built to reduce traffic congestion in the inner city. Hoang Thi Thao lives in Hong Bang district: “Since these new bridges were built, everybody is happy. It’s easier for us to travel. Our city has become more beautiful.”

Hai Phong–city of bridges - ảnh 2

Bach Dang bridge over the Cam river is in the final phase of construction. Once it is completed, it will take just 30 minutes to drive from Hai Phong to Ha Long-Quang Ninh. Another bridge, Hoang Van Thu, connects Hong Bang district with the new Bac Song Gam urban area. Two other bridges, Han and Dang, were put into operation early this year. Under a project to build coastal roads connecting Hai Phong and Thai Binh, 7 more bridges will soon be built.

Hai Phong city has several current projects to expand its urban area. Nguyen Ngoc Minh lives in Le Chan district:  “The city is growing rapidly. I’m surprised that the city center has expanded from the port to Tam Bac.”

The city is also accelerating new rural development and refurbishing old apartment buildings. Hai Phong is calling for domestic and foreign investment to boost its growth. Vu Duy Tung is Director of the Hai Phong Transport Department:  “This year we aim to accelerate ongoing transport projects and other projects that have received funding. I believe these projects will pave the way for Hai Phong to attract even more investment.”

16 rivers with a total length of 300 km traverse the city, making bridges key conduits of Hai Phong’s traffic and major contributors to the city’s socio-economic development. Hai Phong plans to build 30 new bridges by 2030.