Nghe An, cradle of outstanding people

(VOVWORLD) - Nghe An province, the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh, is also home to several other cultural figures and national heroes. The province is also a tourist attraction thanks to its beautiful landscapes.
Nghe An, cradle of outstanding people - ảnh 1President Ho Chi Minh relic site in Vinh city (Photo: internet)

Nghe An province, 300 km south of Hanoi, has a favorable location for road, railway, waterway and airway. The province is like a miniature of Vietnam because it covers plain, mountain and sea. Nghe An attracts tourists thanks to its ancient forests, beautiful beaches and many historical and cultural relics. Vinh city in Nghe An province is also a popular tourist destination. Tran Ha is a tour guide of Vietland Travel Company: “Five kilometers from Vinh city is the grave of great poet Nguyen Du, a World Cultural Figure. The Kim Lien relic site, the home village of President Ho Chi Minh, is 15 km from Vinh city. 17 km southwest of Vinh City is Cua Lo beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in central Vietnam.”

Nghe An, cradle of outstanding people - ảnh 2Nghe An has become a popular tourist destination

Nghe An has more than 1,000 cultural and historical relic sites.200 of them have been ranked. The most popular tourist site in Nghe An is Kim Lien relic site which showcases the childhood of President Ho Chi Minh. Hoang Tru village is the home village of President Ho Chi Minh’s mother. There, in a thatched cottage, items associated with President Ho Chi Minh’s early years are displayed. Nguyen Thi Yen is a visitor: “I have read and been told about President Ho Chi Minh, but visiting his home village, I think our President is so great. His home village is as modest as other Vietnamese villages but such simplicity makes our Uncle Ho great. This is my first visitto President Ho Chi Minh’s mother’s village. I’m very happy.”

The 10-km Cua Lo beach in Vinh city lures a lot of tourists. The islands of Hon Ngu, Hon Mat and Lan Châu nearby enchant the most demanding tourists. To Lan Phuong is a visitor from Hanoi: “I have visited many places but Cua Lo beach is so beautiful. Local people are friendly, sincere, and hospitable. I will come back.”

Pu Mat National Park, 120 km southwest of Vinh City, is also a tourist destination in Nghe An. Located on the eastern side of the Truong Son range, Pu Mat National Park and Khe Kem waterfall are famous nature reserves of Vietnam which are home to a number of precious and rare fauna and flora species. The western mountain region of  Nghe An province is home to Kho Mu, O Duo, Tho, San Diu, and H’mong ethnic minority groups. Each group has its own culture, festivals, folk songs, and chants.

Nghe An province has a lot of festivals throughout the year, including Whale worshiping, clam procession, boat racing, Cuong temple, Bua cave, house warming, rice wine, and village festivals. Beautiful landscapes, historical sites, culture, and ethnic cultural diversity make Nghê An an attractive tourist destination.