Quang Ngai promotes tourist potential

(VOVWORLD) - The central coastal province of Quang Ngai, nearly 900 km south of Hanoi, is home to several relics and scenic spots boasting great potential to develop ecological, religious and historical tourism.
Quang Ngai promotes tourist potential - ảnh 1My Khe beach - Photo: Internet

 Quang Ngai province has great advantages for sea tourism with beautiful unspoiled beaches and spectacular landscapes. Its 150 km-long coastline has potential for building sea resorts.

My Khe beach in Son Tinh district, 12 km from Quang Ngai city, is outstanding with a long sandy beach, warm weather, and a forest behind it. Many beautiful hotels have been built along the beach enabling tourists to enjoy pure air from the sea and relieve tiredness.

Quang Ngai promotes tourist potential - ảnh 2Sa Huynh beach - Photo: Vietnam+

Phung My Loan is from Hanoi: “I have been to many places, but this unspoiled natural landscape is unique. Under the sunlight, the scene is wonderful. I love to admire the sea in the afternoon. At that time, I feel really good. My family and I will come back to this place.”

Sa Huynh beach in Duc Pho district, 60 km south of Quang Ngai, is famous for its beauty thanks to sparkling golden sand. There are numerous islands of different sizes off Sa Huynh beach showing the local great potential for sea tourism. Nguyen tan Tan is an official of Duc Pho district: “Duc Pho has a 40-km beach with two estuaries: My A and Sa Huynh. The district also has a mountain range running to the sea which has underground rocks. These create beautiful landscapes and rich marine resources. The district will exploit these scenic spot to develop tourism and the local marine economy.”

Quang Ngai promotes tourist potential - ảnh 3White waterfall - Photo: instagram

Trang (White) waterfall in Minh Long district is one of the most famous destinations in Quang Ngai. Located 20 km southeast of Quang Ngai city, the waterfall with a large lake underfoot is an ideal destination for adventurers. In recent years, the waterfall has attracted a lot of tourists. Dinh Thi Hoa is an official of Minh Long district: “In previous years, the waterfall was quiet. It’s a beautiful waterfall. We have invested in upgrading the infrastructure to attract tourists.”

With its unspoiled nature and numerous relics and scenic spots, Quang Ngai has focused on upgrading its tourism infrastructure to attract more visitors.