Vàm Xáng fruit garden in Cần Thơ

(VOVWORLD) - Cần Thơ province in the Mekong Delta region has long been famous for its charming landscape, friendly people, and fruitful gardens fertilized by the Mekong alluvium. Visitors can stroll around the gardens to enjoy the fresh air, ripe fruit picked from the trees, and local specialties. This edition of "Discovery Vietnam" takes you to Vàm Xáng, one of the most well-known fruit gardens in Cần Thơ.
Vàm Xáng fruit garden in Cần Thơ - ảnh 1 Rambutan trees  bear fruits in Vàm Xáng garden (Photo: chudu24.com)

The Vàm Xáng fruit garden is located in the town of Phong Điền , 10 kilometers southwest of Cần Thơ’s downtown. This area is blessed with favorable climatic and soil conditions for agriculture.

According to owner Trần Văn Liền, his fruit garden is named after the nearby canal Xáng Xà No, built in 1903. Vàm Xáng has typical features of Southern rural areas: a wooden gate, a bucolic path, and a guest house. As it’s cool all year round, visitors can feel refreshed at any time by a visit to the garden, of which the owner is also the tour guide. Mr. Liền said: “It’s the practice of polyculture that makes Vàm Xáng different from other orchards in Phong Điền , which engage in only single types of fruit cultivation. Farmers in other gardens harvest only star apples in the winter, for example. But in Vàm Xáng there are about 40 types of trees, producing fruit all year round”.

Vàm Xáng fruit garden in Cần Thơ - ảnh 2 Foreigners learn about Vietnam's fruit cultivation at Vàm Xáng garden

Photo: baocantho.com.vn)

Abundant varieties of fruit, such as jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, starfruit, rambutan, and oranges, make the Vàm Xáng garden constantly changing and kaleidoscopic picture throughout the seasons. The burmese grape season occurs between March and June when clusters of bold yellow fruits hanging from the trees create the impression of a giant golden curtain when seen from afar.

Vàm Xáng garden, a popular ecotourism site, attracts a large number of visitors of different ages. If they’d like, visitors can have the experience of being farmers  by throwing  fish nets or deftly scooping through the water to catch fish raised in small canals around the garden. The fish are then cooked either by the guests or by the garden owner in the style of the signature dishes of the south. Trần Văn Lượm, a visitor from Sóc Trăng province, told VOV: “I’m impressed by hotpot with fermented fish (lẩu mắm) which I used to eat when I was a child. I also loved the grilled gourami wrapped in banana leaves. I found them both very delicious”.

Vàm Xáng fruit garden in Cần Thơ - ảnh 3A guest house embraces typical architectural features of southern Vietnam. (Photo: chudu24.com)

Tired after a trip around the garden, visitors can take a rest on hammocks and enjoy the light breeze in the shade while listening to the  birds singing. Huỳnh Thị Mến from Cần Thơ city said: “I find this place very peaceful, much different from the busy city where I live. I also love the fresh and delicious food here”.

The Vàm Xáng fruit garden has developed in the past 2 years as an impressive homestay area which features wood and bamboo houses with thatched roofs. The path around the garden and bamboo bridges crossing the canals are always packed with visitors, many of them foreigners, riding bicycles or strolling around.