Visiting Tieu pagoda in Bac Ninh

(VOVworld)- The Tieu ancient pagoda in Tuong Giang commune, Tu Son township, Bac Ninh province has become more popular among pilgrims and tourists. The pagoda was once chaired by Zen Buddhist Monk Van Hanh, who raised King Ly Cong Uan- the founder of the Ly dynasty and the Great Viet civilization between 11th and 13th century.

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Located on a mountain, the Tieu pagoda is said to be one of the most beautiful pagodas in northern Vietnam. Surrounded by a lotus lake and vast rice fields, the pagoda has stunning views over the countryside. Previously, the Tieu Tuong river ran through the area, making the landscape here even more poetic.

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Under the Ly Dynasty, the Tieu pagoda , managed by the Zen Buddhist monk Ly Van Hanh, was a great Buddhist center. According to legend, a woman who lived in the village of Co Phap often prayed for a child. Eventually she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. When the child was 3 years old, he was adopted by monk Ly Van Khanh, the little brother of monk Ly Van Hanh. Ly Van Khanh named the boy Ly Cong Uan. Monk Ly Van Hanh had predicted that this little boy would be outstandingly clever and that he would become the ruler of the country. Monk Thich Dam Chinh now manages the Tieu pagoda: "Monk Ly Van Hanh managed this pagoda. He raised and educated King Ly Cong Uan when he was small. Realizing that King Le Ngoa Trieu was no longer capable of governing the country, Monk Van Hanh educated Ly Cong Uan to become the ruler".

Having been restored several times, the pagoda has managed to retain several of the original architectural structures dating from the Le dynasty (1740-1786) and the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945) as well as objects and valuable documents on Vietnamese Buddhism. This pagoda is best known however for a stone stele erected in the Ly dynasty. Visitors to the pagoda also can learn about Monk Thich Nhu Tri, who collected and popularized the sutras of Buddhism in Vietnam.

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In 1991, Tieu pagoda was inscribed on the list of National Cultural and Historical relics. It is now a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists. Nguyen Dang Hop is a tourist from Hanoi: “This is the fifth time I’ve come here. Each time, I find it even more beautiful. Like many other pilgrims, I want to contribute to the preservation of the pagoda”.

From Hanoi, you can go to the pagoda either by car or motorbike. There you can admire the beauty of the Red River Delta and learn more about King Ly Cong Uan and Vietnam’s history of construction and defense. Have a good journey!