Ninh Thuan develops large-scale fields

(VOVWORLD) - Phuoc Hau commune in Ninh Thuan province has been selected to pilot large-scale fields for agricultural production. The Phuoc Hau cooperative has developed a business model that includes large-scale fields in agricultural value chains in order to create breakthroughs in local agricultural production.
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Ninh Thuan develops large-scale fields (Photo:

Phuoc Hau Co-operative is applying a model to combine large rice fields, pig-raising, and value chains. After 4 crops, the Phuoc Hau Cooperative has seen some success. The number of households involved in the model has increased to nearly 450. The co-operative’s registered capital has increased to 66,000 USD.

These achievements are attributed to close links between the cooperative’s council and members in supplying seeds and selling products. The Phuoc Hau Club was set up to learn new techniques from agricultural experts, share experience in breeding, and seek outlets for products.

Van So, a member of the Phuoc Hau Agriculture Service Cooperative, said: “We have attended a training course on how to obtain loans for raising pigs. The cooperative members are glad they joined the Phuoc Hau club.”

Members of the cooperative have agreed to raise the locally bred black pigs because they are easy to feed, easy to sell, and most local people have experience in husbandry. What they have to do now is strictly conform to the recommended feeding process. Most of what they produce is sold through the Phuoc Hau club to tourists and local people. The rest is sold under contracts with a number of companies in Ho Chi Minh City.

Quang Dai Hoang, Director of the Phuoc Hau Cooperative, said: “The cooperative plans to diversify its business lines to increase the members’ income. The cooperative has submitted a proposal to the provincial Farmers’ Association to provide financial support for the farmers who raise black pigs in combination with providing agricultural tourism.”

The black pig husbandry model has received strong support from the Farmers’ Association. The cooperative has successfully set up link among farmers, the state, scientists, and enterprises.

Vo Chi, Deputy Chairman of the Ninh Thuan Farmers’ Association, said: “Phuoc Hau cooperative will link pig raising to buying pig products wholesale. The cooperative has a plan to sell pigs in the locality and to companies in HCMC.”

The Phuoc Hau cooperative is developing the first large-scale field in Ninh Thuan province. To replicate the model, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is planning a concentrated production area and has increased the application of technology to production.