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A: Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of VOV 24/7’s“Food delight”. We are …. And …, and we are very happy to be here to share our recipes with you.
B: Hello, you guys. Hello, A. Hey A, What food shall we introduce to our listeners today?
A: Let’s see. In such hot weather, I’m thinking of “Banoffee tart”, which is not only deeply satisfying, highly calorific, and very good for your health, but more importantly it’s easy to make.
B: Uhm. The name “Banoffee” is really impressive. What does it mean?
A: Well, “Banoffee” is short for banana and toffee, a confection made from sugar and butter with a pleasingly creamy, melting texture. Instead of calling “banana and toffee” tart, you call it “banoffee”. Funny and easier to remember, right? 
Banoffee Tart  - ảnh 1
“Banoffee” has become one of England’s most cherished desserts. (Source:
B: Yup. “Banoffee” has become one of England’s most cherished desserts. The original tart is a combination of a crumbled biscuit-base, a thick layer of toffee filling, sliced bananas and piles of whipped cream, which is sure to steal your heart away after the first bite. 
A: Hey, B. Imagine that we had a really big “banoffee” here, what would you do? You would give me the biggest part, wouldn’t you?
A: Oh, come on, B. We don’t have to imagine. Listen. I have good news for you. Do you remember Trang Minh, the famous food blogger who taught us how to make “Raspberry tart” recently? She will be in the studio today to teach us how to make “Banoffee tart”. With some minor changes from the original version, it is hoped that this tart will suit Vietnamese tastes.  
B: That’s awesome. Let’s get started with the tart shell. “For the tart crust, you need to process the basic biscuits until you have fine crumbs. Stir the crumbs well before mixing them with honey and melted butter. The mixture is then pressed onto a tart tin with a removable base. Place the tin in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before adding the filling”     
Banoffee Tart  - ảnh 2
The original tart is a combination of a crumbled biscuit-base, a thick layer of toffee filling, sliced bananas and piles of whipped cream, which is sure to steal your heart away after the first bite (Source:
A: What can we do in the waiting time? 30 minutes. Such a long time!
B: Well, we will prepare the filling. Trang Minh will tell us how to do: “I use a chocolate mousse recipe to make the filling. You should use unsweetened chocolate or a bitter one to keep the original flavor of the cake. The chocolate should always be melted slowly, at a low temperature; otherwise we will ruin its flavor and texture. Afterwards, place butter and sugar in another bowl over a low heat, stirring until the butter melts and the sugar dissolves.  Pour melted chocolate and 2 eggs into the bowl and stir continually until the mixture is thick and glossy.”
A: Melting the chocolate should be done carefully and slowly as its melting point is just around 30° C, lower than the body temperature. You can even melt the chocolate in a microwave or oven because it does not involve as much equipment so the clean up is minimal. However, just 20-30 seconds is enough for perfectly melted chocolate.
B: And, remember that oil and water shouldn’t be mixed as chocolate is an oil-based product. It may respond conspicuously to small amounts of moisture by transforming it from a shiny, smooth texture to a lumpy, grainy mass. 
A: Uhm, now I understand why any equipment used when melting chocolate must be perfectly dry. So, what should we do next, B?
Banoffee Tart  - ảnh 3
Banoffee tart is preferred by kids and adults alike (Source:
B: Uhm, the last job is just the decoration.  Let’s hear Trang Minh elaborate on this step.“This tart is preferred by kids and adults alike. The amount of chocolate could be decreased without affecting the flavor of the cake. When the base has set, pour the filling to the brim and then leave the tart in the fridge for 3-4 hours till fully firm.  Finally, arrange a layer of sliced banana over the filling, spoon the whipped cream over the bananas, sprinkle with the coffee powder; and the tart now is ready to serve.”
A: What I love the most about this tart is the variety of flavors and textures within it. It has a crumbly crust, and, well, the bananas refresh everything while the whipped cream ensures that the tart isn't too sweet.
B: That’s amazing. Imagine that you pushed your fork through a cloudy layer of whipped cream before reaching the bananas, then reached a thick layer of buttery crumbs before lifting the fork to your mouth and experiencing the truly heavenly flavor. I mean, who could say no to this? Let’s go to the kitchen and try this absolutely fantastic recipe. For now, goodbye. Join us next time on VOV24/7’s Food Delight.


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