Bac Kan arrowroot vermicelli

(VOVworld)- “Mien dong” or arrowroot vermicelli of Bac Kan province has received a certificate of registered trademark from the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. The certification protects the interests of producers and consumers and helps improves the lives of Bac Kan people.

Bac Kan province, especially Na Ri and Ba Be district, have favorable conditions for growing arrowroots. In recent years, local authorities have put in place several incentives for growing arrowroots and making arrowroot vermicelli. The number of vermicelli makers in the province has increased. Arrowroot vermicelli has become a specialty of Bac Kan.

Bac Kan arrowroot vermicelli  - ảnh 1
A vermicelli making workshop in Bac Kan


Bac Kan arrowroot vermicelli  - ảnh 2
Cutting vermicelli is mostly done by women

Bac Kan arrowroot vermicelli  - ảnh 3
Hanging vermicelli

Bac Kan arrowroot vermicelli  - ảnh 4
After being dried on bamboo planks, vermicelli will be packed in nylon bags