Dr. Dariga Nazarbayeva, founder of the Eurasian Media Forum and Chairperson of the EAMF Organizing Committee, welcomes delegates (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Journalist Riz Khan, the forum’s moderator, opens a panel session entitled “Evolution of International Relations: Global Cooling”, examining how the world’s political climate appears to be changing, economic and political sanctions, obstruction to diplomacy, and restrictions on the media (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Yusuf Omar, #Hashtag Our Stories Founder and former CNN Senior Social Media Reporter on Snapchat, in a master-class on mobile journalism and social viral reality (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Delegates share experience in making viral videos in reporting news (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Journalist and filmmaker Shahida Tulaganova, BBC’s Current Affairs producer, in a discussion on working and reporting in conflict zones. Her latest film “Cries from Syria” was premiered at the latest Sundance Film Festival (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Tira Shubart, member of the UK Royal Astronomical Society, Ambassador for the Science Museum in London, demonstrates how to cover space stories and examine the importance of the future of space exploration and satellite technology for communications and the media industry (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Ryan Smith, CNN’s Global Projects Commissioning Editor, talks about CNN’s innovative approach to storytelling, the role of a trusted brand in an era of “fake News”, and how CNN is using data to identify and inform audience (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Gizem Yarbil Gurol, UN Women Communications and Advocacy Specialist for Europe and Central Asia, in a master-class on gender balance in the media and gender-sensitive reporting practices (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
A delegate from Kazakhstan raises questions to speakers (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Interactive and participatory discussions (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (second from left) says the role of the media and their story telling ability is essential to explain realities in detail and reinforce correct common values (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov (left) says Kazakhstan has done its best to contribute to world peace with the Astana process on Syria (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Simon McGee, former UK Foreign Office press secretary, talks about the role of media in evolution of international relations (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace and member of the Federal National Council of the UAE, says what is needed for peace is more understanding and tolerance between the world’s major religions (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Deborah Bergamini, Italian journalist and Member of Parliament, remains optimist about European solidarity (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
Sam Wilkin, Senior Advisor to the UK’s Oxford Economics and Oxford Analytica, answers a question about the impact of Brexit. Wilkin describes the UK referendum vote as a “much needed wakeup call, but too late” (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
A Kazakh traditional dance (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)
An art performance at Kazakh State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet (Photo: Thu Ly/VOV)

EAMF 15: How the world is changing and how the world changes us

(VOVWORLD) - The Eurasian Media Forum (EAMF)  opened its 15th annual meeting in Almaty city, Kazakhstan, on Wednesday with a call by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the journalistic community to exercise high responsibility in reporting international affairs. The forum’s discussions examined the transformation of moral values and the evolution of the media, the expanded reach of bloggers and social networks, natural disaster, and the awareness of the need for environmental revolution.

Thu Ly