Ha Giang is famous for its mountainous landscape and unique terraced fields.
In mid-May the terraced fields in Ha Giang are still dry.
At the end of May, farmers begin watering the fields and building up their edges to retain the water.
Farmers maintain the water for 1-2 weeks before planting so the soil is very wet and will stay soft even in the harsh mountain weather.
Most of the fields are now watered and ready for a new crop n the harsh mountain weather.
Terraced fields adorn Ha Giang’s beauty.
When the soil is sufficiently wet, farmers start ploughing.
A plot has been planted early.
Shining terraced fields in May in Ha Giang are an unforgettable sight.

Ha Giang terraced fields ready for new crop

(VOVWORLD) - In May, Ha Giang farmers re-plant their terraced fields.

Duc Anh