The day begins at dawn.
On Tho Chu island, fish are caught, processed, dried, and transported to the mainland. Tho Chu island is 220 kilometers from the town of Rach Gia.
Sea fish are dried and sold at a market on Tho Chu island.
Groceries are sold at the island center.
When they’re ashore, fishermen repair their fishing nets.
Local people gather to perform amateur singing on Tho Chu island.
The picturesque scenery of Hon Chuoi island attracts visitors from the mainland.
After school, children help their parents with housework.
Fish is dried and transported to the mainland for sale.
These fishing boats are being repaired.
The children on the island play together.
A corner of Nam Du island.
Skipping ropes is a favorite game of the children on Nam Du island.
A spot for collecting fresh water on Nam Du.
Mobile food stalls are popular on the islands.
Seafood is selected at the port.
The day dawns on Hai Tac island.
Raising fish on Hai Tac island.

Life on Vietnam’s southwestern islands

(VOVWORLD) - The islands of Tho Chu, Hai Tac, and Nam Du in Kien Giang province and Hon Chuoi island in Ca Mau province are known for their unspoiled natural beauty. Here’s a collection of photos provided by VOV5 reporter Lan Anh.