The agriculture museum displays agriculture tools and introduces the cultural life of people in Thanh Toan village.
Visitors gaze at items used by Vietnamese farmers in the past
The museum helps people, especially children, better understand the culture and history of Vietnamese villages
The museum displays 200 artifacts and 100 photos on 4 topics: the history and culture of Thanh Toan village; farming; fishing, and daily life
Rice mill of the ancient Vietnamese
Ancient Vietnamese kitchen
Ancient Vietnamese meal
Each artifact is annotated so visitors can experience the life of farmers in the past
Costumes worn at festivals
Guests take a photo of the traditional wedding ceremony of Hue people
One of the displayed items is a raincoat made from palm leaves and Giang leaves
A visitor experiences rice milling
Visitors experience the famous hat making in Thuy Thanh
A tourist is interested in souvenirs made of bamboo

Museum displays farming tools by Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge

(VOVWORLD) -An agriculture museum in Thanh Toan village, about 6km from Hue city, preserves traditional farming and fishing tools of the Hue people. The story of Hue is retold through the tools on display here.  

Lan Anh