Located 20km from Buon Ma Thuot city center, the splendid Dray Nur waterfall plummets down steep cliffs into a blue river and creates a stirring picture
Some lucky visitors watch ethnic women performing their afternoon chores, a snapshot of the calm, peaceful life here
Not far from the Dray Nur is the Dray Sap waterfall
The Chong waterfall and Vo waterfall are quite similar in topography and flow. Myths about these two waterfalls are still told
A waterfall flows into a clear blue lake in the middle of a pristine forest told
The Gia Long waterfall lies inside the Dray Sap tourism park, 8 km from the Dray Sap waterfall
To get a good view of this waterfall, you need to follow a winding path through the green foliage
Not as majestic as Dray Nur or Dray Sap, the Gia Long waterfall is quite pretty and dreamy
The Trinh Nu (Virgin) waterfall is located on the Sre Pôk river. This comparatively gentle waterfall is hidden in the middle of an extensive basalt complex. It is difficult to get a clear view of the waterfall. Maybe that’s why it is called the Virgin
The Thuy Tien waterfall has another name: The 3-level waterfall
The waterfall is about 70km from Buon Ma Thuot city, on the way to Gia Lai, deep in the forest
The Krong Kmar waterfall is a rather rugged and majestic waterfall in Krong Bong district, about 2km from the town center

The beauty of waterfalls in Dak Lak province

(VOVWORLD) - Dak Lak province is famous for majestic forests, vast coffee orchards, mesmerizing Xoang melodies, and also for waterfalls hidden deep in the ancient forests. Hiking along a shadowy path in the woods, the sound of crashing water suddenly seizes your attention and your imagination.