The 200-sqm wrestling field, built hundreds of years ago, is filled with liquid mud. At both ends of the yard, two holes, 80cm deep and 50cm wide, are dug for the goals.
In the early morning, water is poured into the field to knead the mud.
Careful preparations are made to ensure a safe and successful festival.
Wrestlers of competing teams perform a traditional ritual in front of the temple, in which they drink wine to boost their strength and spirit
The ball made of wood from jack-trees is placed in front of the temple’s yard
Before the competition, wrestlers hold a symbolic competition in front of the temple
Each team has 8 members. The team that places the ball in the hole of the other wins
Members of both teams take a break
The ball falls on to the ground despite the players’ efforts
Whenever the ball falls to the ground, wrestlers have to raise the ball, lower it, and compete to take it.
Beautiful moments of the competition take place in the afternoon despite the temperature reaching 39 DC at times
The mud ball wrestling festival attracts crowds of reporters and photographers

Unique mud ball wrestling festival in Van village

(VOVWORLD) - A mud ball wrestling festival is held every four years in Van village, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. The festival shows the farmers’ desire for favorable weather and bumper crops. The 3-day festival is held on the 12th, 13th, and 14th days of the 4th lunar month.