Wednesday June 5, 2019

(VOVWORLD) - We’d like to send our best wishes for Eid al-Fitr to all our Muslim listeners.

A: Sultan Mahmud Sarker, President of the Shetu Radio Fan Club of Bangladesh, told us that Eid-ul-Fitr is the main religious festival of Muslims around the world. After a month of fasting, all Muslims pray to Allah for happiness, prosperity, and world peace.

B: Eid Al Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Statistics from the Vietnam Religious Affairs Committee show that there are approximately 72,000 Muslims in Vietnam, constituting 0.1% of the population. The majority of Muslims in Vietnam are Cham people, an ethnic group residing largely in the central and southern part of the country.

Wednesday June 5, 2019 - ảnh 1The Saigon Central Mosque  

A: Although the Muslim population in Vietnam is small, they have built many mosques. There are a dozen mosques in Ho Chi Minh City, the most famous one being the Saigon Central Mosque. It’s one of the oldest and most prominent mosques in the city.

B: Built in the 1930s by South Indian Muslims, the Saigon Central Mosque makes a strong impression on visitors with its solemn atmosphere and the halal food available just outside. These days, most visiting Muslims come here to worship. Friday is usually the busiest time. Visitors are allowed to sit, read or even take a nap in the summer.

Wednesday June 5, 2019 - ảnh 2The main hall of the Sai Gon Central mosque.

A: The second oldest mosque in HCMC is the Cho Lon mosque in the Chinatown area which was constructed in 1932. What makes it stand out from the intricate Chinese and Vietnamese pagodas on the same street is its clean lines, simple ornamentation, and basic color scheme.

B: The juxtaposition of Muslim mosques and Chinese and Vietnamese pagodas on the same street illustrates the harmonious existence of different religions in Vietnam. The best time to visit a mosque is around lunch or dinner time, because you’ll have a chance to enjoy a tasty halal meal at the restaurant on the grounds.

A: Speaking of Muslim holidays, Gulf News has picked Hanoi and Hoi An as ideal Eid getaways. They’re on its list of 8 holiday destinations for Eid Al Fitr, which this year falls on June 4th and 5th.

Wednesday June 5, 2019 - ảnh 3 Inside the Al Noor mosque in Hanoi

B: The newspaper called Vietnam’s capital Hanoi a great city bursting with a cultural cocktail of Chinese, French, and Southeast Asian influences. “From the chaos of the Old Quarter to the Dong Xuan Market, it’s a city to get lost in,” it said.

A: Hanoi can be the starting point for a Ha Long Bay tour. If time permits, book yourself a bay cruise aboard a Vietnamese junk. These days, the adjacent Bai Tu Long Bay cruise is also drawing many tourists. It takes you further afield into the UNESCO Heritage Park, with days spent kayaking and evenings spent dining in a cave lit by a thousand candles.

B: The Gulf News did not mention that there is one mosque in Hanoi, the Al Noor Masjid on Hang Luoc Street, in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Every Friday, it is filled with devotees from all over the capital and surrounding areas. Of the 300 devotees who gather to pray in the century-old mosque only 55 are Vietnamese. Most are officials from the embassies of Muslim countries.

Wednesday June 5, 2019 - ảnh 4  Inside the Al Noor mosque in Hanoi

A: Another place recommended by Gulf News is the ancient city of Hoi An, a town that charmingly blends French colonial and Chinese architecture. Days spent exploring its rich history coupled with evenings spent wandering through its busy riverside food market will create lasting memories. If you have time, rent a bike and explore the surrounding area.

B: Listener Madhab Chandra Sagour of India tuned in to our program on May 26th, on the frequency of 7220khz and rated SIO all 4s. He said he got a strong, steady signal on a Grundig YB 400 receiver.

A: Richard Nowak of the US said he enjoyed the show on May 27th on 7315 kHz, listening with a Hallicrafters SX-99 tube receiver hooked up to an outdoor active loop. Reception was perfect, with a SINPO rating of all 5s.

B: Richard said the Sunday Show following the news was awesome. The show discussed the art of the Vietnamese Central Highlands Gong. He wrote: “I have always wondered about the history of the gong and its origins and this show was great explaining it. The gong is a sacred instrument. After elephants overran villages and killed people and caused destruction, mounds were found with gongs. The gongs were used to successfully scare the elephants away. Ethnic people use gongs to summon their community like drums are used. A cool rock song was played.”

A: The Sunday Show segment on gongs was fascinating and educational, he said. The ethnic people of the Central Highlands raised gong music to excellence and UNESCO has honored the place of Vietnam gongs in world culture. 

B: Andrew Kuznetsov of Latvia sent us a reception report for a program on May 5th on the frequencies of 9840khz and 12020 kHz. He rated SINPO 33433 for 9840kHz and 23222 for 12020kHz, which was very weak.

A: It’s a pity to hear that VOV’s transmission at your place was poor. We’ve reported it to our technicians. We hope to receive more feedback from you soon.

B: Siddhartha Bhattacharjee, President of the Chaitak Listeners Club in India, asked us what agricultural products Vietnam exports to other countries. The latest good news for Vietnamese agriculture is that mangoes grown in Yen Chau district, Son La province, were exported for the first time to the US, UK, Australia and China last Saturday.

A: Vietnamese mangoes have now been exported to 40 countries and territories worldwide. Mangoes are the 6th Vietnamese fruit to be exported to the US, after dragon fruit, rambutan, longan, lychee and star apple.

Wednesday June 5, 2019 - ảnh 5 Son La mangoes are exported to the US for the first time.

B: After China, the US is the second biggest importer of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables, with a turnover of 126 million USD last year. The US is a fastidious demanding market with the world's highest technical standards. Entering this market means that Vietnam's agricultural exports now have a "passport" to expand into other high-grade markets.

A: With 15,700ha of mango farms, Son La province expects an output of 35,500 tons this year, of which 7,500 tons will be eligible for export.

B: Bắc Giang is the largest fruit growing area in Vietnam’s northern region with a total area of nearly 50,000ha. Its 28,000ha of lychee have an annual output of more than 150,000 tons. The Thanh Ha lychee brand name of Bắc Giang province is protected in South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia. Last year, the fruit was certified by the Southeast Asian Records Organisation as one of the Top 10 specialities of Southeast Asia.

Wednesday June 5, 2019 - ảnh 6June is the lychee season in Vietnam

A: Dragon fruit dominates Vietnam’s fruit exports, growing 9% annually. Dragon fruit accounts for 32 percent of the total export value of Vietnamese vegetables and fruits. Exported dragon fruit earns four times as much as the next two biggest fruit exports – longan and mango. Dragon fruit exports also outperformed the total of vegetable exports.

B: This week we acknowledge letters and emails from Muneer K P of the Gulf Asian English School, United Arab Emirates, and Saleem Akhtar Chadhar, and President of the Seven Stars Radio Listeners’ Club, Pakistan.  

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