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Located 20 km away from Hanoi, the village can be found in Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi.
Vermicelli making is a time-honoured tradition practiced by generations of villagers.
The busiest time of the year in the village is during October in the build-up to Lunar New Year.
The main ingredient for making Cu Da vermicelli is cassava starch. The main ingredient is boiled, then rolled out to form thin sheets and then put into dough to be dried outdoors.
The scene of Vermicelli drying can be seen throughout the village.
A female worker carries a bamboo screen that is used in the process of drying the vermicelli.
Once finished, the product is shipped all across the country. Vermicelli is an indispensable dish for many Vietnamese people on significant occasions.

A visit to see vermicelli produced in Cu Da village

(VOVWORLD) - Cu Da vermicelli village is famous not only for being home to ancient French- styled two-story houses, but also for a long tradition of making vermicelli.