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Bo Da Pagoda, one of Vietnam’s ancient temples, thrived in the 17th century.
The ancient pagoda has nearly 100 rooms.
This wall was built with unglazed terracotta – a product of Tho Ha pottery village nearby.
The pagoda preserves 40 Buddhist statues that date back to the 18th, 19th century.
There are also statues belonging to Confucianism, Taoism, and indigenous folk belief.
The Pagoda has kept 1,935 Buddhist woodblocks and 18 old prayer books.
The oldest woodblock was made in 1740 and the newest one in the 20th century. Over nearly three centuries, they have remained virtually undamaged.
The woodblocks were carved out of “thi” wood (Diospyros decandra), which is light and pliable, yet durable. They were engraved with Chinese characters that remain clear and sharp, providing valuable documentation of the history of Buddhism.
Bo Da Pagoda is also famous for being the largest tower garden in Vietnam. Its 97 towers contain the ashes of cremated Lam Te Buddhist monks and nuns

Bo Da Pagoda - special national relic site

(VOVWORLD) -Bo Da Pagoda on Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Mountain, in Tien Son commune, Bac Giang province, was a major center of Lam Te Zen Buddhism during the Le Trung Hung dysnasty (1533 - 1789).

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