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A beautiful Christmas picture decorates at Ham Long church.
Christmas colors cover Ham Long church.
The church’s main gate.
Church visitors taking photos.
Front view of Ham Long church.
St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the most famous church in Hanoi, attracts a large number of visitors on Christmas Eve.
Under the statue of mother Maria, the birth of Jesus Christ is re-enacted.
German Christmas Market at Cua Bac Church attracts a large number of domestic and foreign visitors.
The German Market is a great place to sample Christmas treats, buy hand-made items, and enjoy a cup of wine.
A Christmas Concert brightens the night.
The statue of mother Maria.
: A replica of the cave believed to be the birth place of Jeus Christ.
A Christmas atmosphere created by colored lights cheers up all the streets of Hanoi.

Christmas atmosphere at churches around Hanoi

(VOVWORLD) - The Christmas atmosphere has pervaded every corner of Hanoi, especially the beautifully decorated Catholic Churches. We have captured some colorful moments at several churches in Hanoi.