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Often in full blossom during October and December ox-eye daisies have white petals and yellow stamens. An entire garden of ox-eye daises enthralls many visitors.
Ox-eye daisies in the early morning dew.
Since the beginning of the year, ox-eye daisy gardens in Son La have attracted more than 10,000 visitors.
This is an appealing tourist attraction in Son La.
A wide range of other flowers are also grown in the garden apart from ox-eye daisies.
Bamboo water wheels in Muong La district are also a typical characteristic in the north-western region.
Pa Mac rocky reef
Visitors can take part in sightseeing tours at the Exhibition House in Son La.
Objects related to the daily lives of the ethnic minority groups of Thai, Khang, La Ha and Kho Mu

Discovering ox-eye daisies garden in Son La

(VOVWORLD) -  In the early winter mornings, beautiful ox-eye daisy gardens are in full blossom in Muong La district in the northern province of Son La, attracting a great number of tourists.