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Parts of the capital have turned purple after the emergence of giant crape myrtles, known locally as Bang Lang.
Crape myrtles can be seen growing throughout Hanoi.
The flower is widely considered the symbol of the capital city, and the sight of them generally signals the the arrival of summer.
A street corner in Hanoi has been covered with elegant crape myrtles.
A view of crape myrtles on Kim Ma street
Indeed, the purple flowers make the city seem more pleasant amid the recent the scorching sun.
Hoa Phuong Do, also known as the red flamboyant flower, can be seen in full bloom between May and July.
A street close to La Thanh guest house is home to many of the flowers in full bloom.
The streets look increasingly more beautiful after being adorned with the red blossoms.
The sight of colourful Muong Hoang Yen, also known as golden shower trees, can be seen beginning to bloom and fill the streets of Hanoi with their vibrant yellow colour.
Together with Bang Lang and Hoa Phuong Do, Muong Hoang Yen help to make the summer in the capital more colourful and the streets feel far more poetic.
A sea of yellow has descended on the streets around Ho Tay, known in English as West Lake, in recent days thanks to the emergence of a sea of colourful Muong Hoang Yen.
The streets of Hanoi have been swamped with the pink and white blossoms of lotus flowers being sold by street vendors.

Emergence of colourful flowers in Hanoi mark arrival of summer

(VOVWORLD) - The last weeks of May have seen streets throughout Hanoi become decorated with the bright purple tones of Bang Lang, a sea of yellow thanks to the blossoming of Muong Hoang Yen, and the shining red colour of Hoa Phuong Do.