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Harvest time (Photo: Nguyen Huu Tan)
Mother and son (Photo: Trinh Hoa)
Floating life (Photo: Trinh Hoa)
Preparations for traditional lunar new year festival, Tet (Photo: Pham Khanh)
Family on the field (Photo: Gio Nui)
( Photo: Nguyen Vo Tuong Linh )
Dad is coming home (Photo: Vu Van Hien)
Lunch on the field (Photo: Minh Hop)
(Photo: Hai Ha Ngo)
Soy-sauce making (Photo: Van Huong)
(Photo: Viet Nguyen)
Waiting (Photo: Nguyen Huu Thanh Hai)
H'Mong children in Moc Chau (Photo: Ta Quoc Ai)
Four si (Photo: Nhung Bee Nhung Luong)
Early morning on the mountainous region (Photo: Pham Quang Vinh)
Fishing tools ( Photo: Nguyen The Hung)
(Photo: Van Luan Nguyen)
Plowing with father (Photo: Khong Hoang Giang)
Post-harvest time (Photo: Vuong Quoc)
Dream (Photo: Nguyen Vo Truong Linh )
(Photo: Ngoc Nhat Linh )

Family happiness

(VOVWORLD) -Vietnam's Family Day (June 28), is an important event to celebrate the values of the family - the cell of society. Vietnamese families' daily activities are featured through photos taken by members of the CFA club.

                                                                                        Selected by Nguyen My Tra / VOVworld