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Located 35 kilometers north of Quang Ngai city, Ganh Yen is next to the fishing village in Thanh Thuy hamlet, Binh Hai commune, Binh Son district.
Following millions of years of geological formation, layers of sedimentary rocks now run around the coast of Binh Son district and form the stunning Ganh Yen heritage.
Ganh Yen is impressively beautiful with simple nearshore fishing boats.
The site is not well known to many though it's just 20km from the trans-Vietnam highway.
According to researchers, a volcano erupted at Ganh Yen around 5 or 6 million years ago.
The rock samples here were sent to the Netherlands for analysis in order to make a dossier of Ganh Yen, together with Ly Son and Binh Chau geological heritages, to be recognized as a provincial level geologic park.
A dossier will be submitted to the National Cultural Heritage Committee and the World Heritage Committee to ask for UNESCO’s recognition of Ganh Yen as a global geopark.
Coral reef grows by the coast of Ganh Yen.

Ganh Yen beach–spectacular beauty of nature

(VOVWORLD) - Ganh Yen is a pristine beach with natural beauty, especially the nearby shore reefs.

Nguyen My Tra