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Hoa Ban (Bauhinia variegata) are originally from the north-western region.
Local people can easily find the flowering trees on Bac Son and Hoang Dieu Streets.
In front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
The flower beautifies the streets of Hanoi with its soft pink and purple hues.
Many young people take photographs among the bright flowers to keep pretty pictures of the spring blossoms.
The flowers signal the new spring season is in full swing.
Thuy, a painter, captures the delicate shades of the flower petals in her watercolour paintings.
Each flower has 4-5 petals with bright pink veins.
A row of Hoa Ban trees along Bac Son Street.

Hoa Ban blossoms prettify Hanoi streets

(VOVWORLD) - Hoa Ban (Bauhinia variegata) often bloom in early March, filling the streets of Hanoi with delicate pink flowers reminiscent of orchids.