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Lotus appears in folk verses that most Vietnamese people know by heart: “Nothing is more beautiful than the lotus in the pond Green leaves, white flowers, yellow stamens Yellow stamens, white flowers, green leaves Growing in the mud, not at all muddy-smelling.”
Lotus grows naturally in the ponds. Every summer, lotus flowers blossom and their fragrance scents the surroundings air.
Early in the season, lotus flowers blossom on the surface of the pond, then fade like verses. “Suddenly changing color spreads over frontier post and river Grass turned amber and trees red in the setting sun.”
Lotus flowers symbolize Vietnam’s vital force. Like lotus flowers the Vietnamese have lifted themselves from the mud and are now beginning to blossom.
Lotus flowers reflect the beauty of Vietnamese women and the honorable character of Vietnamese men.
Lotus flowers as symbols of tranquility and nobility inspire Vietnam’s art and religion. Lotus patterns adorn every pagoda and temple in Vietnam.
From the lotus, people concoct dishes such as lotus tea and lotus root salad. Lotus leaves are used to wrap glutinous rice.
Drinking lotus tea is considered an elegant custom. Making perfect lotus tea is a delicate art.
From the traditional past to the modern present, lotus has been a centerpiece of Vietnamese culture.

Lotus flowers dazzle visitors in summer

(VOVWORLD) - Lotus flowers have symbolized Vietnam for a long time. When you come to Vietnam, you will see many lotus ponds from the north to the south. 

Thu Hien/Vietnam Journey