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Cau Hai swamp
Dawn at Quang Loi swamp
Salvaging a fishing net at daybreak
Sunrise at Tam Giang lagoon
A fisherman and his family return from a night on the lagoon
A summer morning at Thuy Tien lake
Early morning at Ngo Mon gate
Bao Vinh ancient town
Entrance path at Hue citadel
A summer noon at Tien Non village
Truong Tien bridge
Huong river from above
Ru Cha mangrove forest
Sunset at Vong Canh hill
A full-moon night at Truong Tien bridge
Phuoc Duyen tower
A village on the outskirts of Hue
Observing the Milky Way at Khe Ngang lake

Magnificent images of Hue city

(VOVWORLD) - The former imperial city of Hue, with its temples, royal tombs, and the poetic Huong river, has long been an inspiration for photographers and other artists. Here are some breathtaking photos of Hue by Le Huy Hoang Hai.