Must-try dishes in Hue

(VOVWORLD) - Hue city has won fame for its magnificence of royal tombs, temples, pagodas, and shrines, the romantic Perfume River, and mouth-watering food.  
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 1
Thick Vietnamese noodle served with soup (banh canh), which originates from Nam Pho village, is among the best noodles in Vietnam.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 2
"Banh canh" can be served with some spices. Nam Pho village belongs to Phu Vang district.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 3
Street vendors selling “banh canh” are commonly seen in Nam Pho. It’s also an attraction to tourists despite numerous royal dishes in Hue.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 4
“Banh nam” – a flat rice flour dumpling stuffed with minced pork and mushroom, seasoned with pepper and spices, and wrapped in a banana leaf – is a typical cake of Hue. The filling of minced pork and shrimp is replaced by mung bean to be used as an offering during rituals.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 5
“Banh uot” is thin rice pancake. Rice powder is mixed with flour, tapioca flour, and water. A small amount of this mixture is steamed to create a very thin layer which is then rolled over. The thinner the pancake is, the better it tastes and the more skillful the creator is.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 6
“Banh uot” Huyen Anh is famous in Hue. The food shop is located in the Kim Long area.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 7
The cake is steamed upon order instead of being stockpiled in advance so it doesn’t turn sour. The filling of modernized “banh uot” is made of seasoned roasted pork and fresh herbs. The wrapper is steamed a little bit thicker so that the filling doesn’t pop out.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 8
Traditionally, “banh uot” is served with sliced boiled pork and fish sauce.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 9
“Banh beo” (water fern cake) is a variety of steamed rice cakes in Hue. The white cake is placed on small dish and served with salted shredded shrimp, fried spring onions, and scraps. This dish strikes the senses of diners. They can taste the sweetness of the shrimp, smell the fragrance of the onions, and enjoy the durability of the steamed rice.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 10
Clear shrimp and pork dumpling (banh bot loc) is a popular snack and a specialty of Hue.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 11
“Banh khoai” is an open-faced omelette. Rice powder mixed with water is fried to make the cover while the filling consists of shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 12
A salad made of “va” fruits, which look similar to figs but are bigger, is often used as an appetizer of a vegetarian meal in Hue.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 13
Tofu with tomato sauce, a typical vegetarian dish.
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Vegetarian food has become a specialty in Hue. It used to be served in pagodas and to the royal families and then spread among the public.
Must-try dishes in Hue - ảnh 15
A vegetarian meal represents the respect of the hosts to the guests.