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The Lunar New Year is approaching and farmers are busy completing the final preparations in Nhat Tan flower village.
Favourable weather conditions help peach flowers bloom just in time. The 23rd day of December in the lunar calendar is the perfect time for peach flowers to bloom.
Some peach flowers bloom earlier.
Many peach trees are ready for sale early before Tet.
Peach flower blossom during the winter.
Each peach branch costs between 8 USD and 22 USD. Some cost hundreds of USD, depending on the shape and number of buds present.
A visitor takes a photo of blooming peach branches.
Workers have put in hard work throughout the whole year to have the beautiful peach trees ready in time for Tet.
Peach blossoms signal the arrival of a new spring.
A man buys peach branches to decorate his home.

Nhat Tan flower village ready to bloom for Tet

(VOVWORLD) - Nhat Tan flower village in Hanoi has been filled with blooming peach trees ready to welcome in the upcoming Lunar New Year (Tet) festival.