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Truong Sa pagoda is located in the center of Truong Sa (Spratly) island.
Not only a worship place for local residents, Truong Sa pagoda is also a venue for children to gather after school.
In pagodas on Truong Sa, parallel sentences are all written in the Vietnamese language.
There are five pagodas in the island district of Truong Sa namely Truong Sa, Nam Yet, Son Linh, Sinh Ton, and Song Tu Tay.
All pagodas on Truong Sa face toward Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi.
Sinh Ton pagoda under the shade of trees.
64 Vietnamese soldiers who sacrificed during the 1988 Gac Ma (Johnson Reef) sea battle are worshipped at Sinh Ton pagoda.
Visitors often ask for a small stone with the pagoda's stamp as a souvernir .

Pagodas on Truong Sa archipelago

(VOVWORLD) –The pagoda is closely associated with Vietnamese people’s spiritual life. Pagodas on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago demonstrate not only Vietnamese people’s traditional belief but their determination to safeguard the sovereignty of Vietnam’s sea and islands. 

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