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Many peach trees in Nhat Tan flower village, Tay Ho district are in full bloom before the Lunar New Year.
A Nhat Tan gardener says peach blossoms have flowered early due to warmer weather this year.
Many gardeners have trimmed leaves and applied some tricks to make peach flowers bloom in time for Tet. However, the unusual weather has made them worry about falling prices.
Gardeners are praying for cold weather so that peach flowers will bloom around Tet.
Leaves of peach trees are plucked off.
A local gardener says the price of a peach tree ranges between 15 million VND and 20 million VND (600 USD-900 USD) if it blooms in time for Tet. If the weather is warmer, the price will drop.
Some gardeners have to cut peach branches for sale at prices of between 50,000VND-300,000VND (2.2 USD-12 USD), depending on their sizes.
Meanwhile, some kumquat trees and bonsai pomelo gardeners in Tu Lien, Tay Ho district are pleased as the weather is favorable for their plants.
Many customers have bought kumquat and pomelo trees for Tet since mid-December.
According to some gardeners, the price of kumquat trees and pomelo will decrease slightly this year.

Peach blossoms bloom early before Tet

(VOVWORLD) - With over one month to go before the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet), many peach blossoms bloom early in several gardens at Nhat Tan flower village in Hanoi, causing many gardeners to worry.