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150 photos of youths doing volunteer work on the DK1 platform in Truong Sa are on display. Photo: “My hometown, Truong Sa” by Nguyen Viet Hung
The exhibition is in 3 parts: Truong Sa’s vitality, Colors of the youth, and Sea and islands sovereignty. Photo: “Presenting water purifiers to Truong Sa” by Le Tam
“Truong Sa’s vitality” features the daily struggle of soldiers defending Vietnam’s national sovereignty. Photo: “Yellow apricot flowers for mother” by Tran Thanh
“Youth spirit on DK1 platform” – Photo: My Tra
“Colors of the youth” features young volunteers all over Vietnam and their activities toward Truong Sa. Photo: “My homeland viewed from the sea” by Tran Thanh
“A dolphin in Truong Sa” – Photo: Tran Thanh
“Taking off” – Photo: Tran Thanh
“Sea and islands sovereignty” corner displays documents establishing Vietnam’s sovereignty over Truong Sa archipelago, a map titled “Vietnam’s sea and island pride”, 33 national flags from the 33 islands of Truong Sa, 15 flags from 15 DK1 platforms, and flags from naval ships. Photo: “The thunderstorm” by Tran Thanh
“So close, Truong Sa” – Photo: My Tra
“Path to An Bang” – Photo: Tran Thanh
“Marching rehearsal” – Photo: Trong Thiet
“A table tennis match with soldiers in Truong Sa” – Photo: Trong Thiet
Square Almon Badamia flower – Photo: Tran Thanh
The exhibition opened at Ecopark, Hung Yen province, from March 9-10, and will move to Trade University, Hanoi, on March 24. Photo: “Truong Sa song” by Tran Thanh
The exhibition will open at Hoang Van Thu High School, Hanoi, on March 26, then will move to Da Lat in Lam Dong province from April 6-8, and to the University of Education, Hanoi, from April 21-22. Photo: “Year end soldier exchange” by Tran Thanh
“Truong Sa’s vitality” – Photo: Du Hai
“DK1-7 platform” – Photo: Tran Thanh
“Truong Sa is over there” – Photo: Nguyen Viet Hung
Activities following the exhibition include building water purifiers, and presenting plants to Truong Sa. Photo: “Faraway island” by Nguyen Xuan Chinh

Photo exhibition: “Truong Sa’s vitality-Colors of the Youth”

(VOVWORLD) - An exhibition called “Truong Sa’s vitality-Colors of the Youth” has been organized to celebrate the 87th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Youth Month.