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Phuong Mai peninsula is located about 10km from Quy Nhon city. From the peninsula, visitors are able to savour some of the scenic views of the city centre as well as Thi Nai bridge.
Sand dunes on Phuong Mai peninsula are widely considered to be the most beautiful in the entire central region and are on par with other popular destinations such as Mui Ne in Binh Thuan province, Quang Phu in Quang Binh province, and Nam Cuong in Ninh Thuan province.
The site is under construction to become a major tourism hub in the future. The sand dunes are considered to be a perfect place for sand sliding games.
Guests can bring their own wood boards for sliding.
A lake formed in a sand pit is 100 metres deep and runs close to Thi Nai lagoon.
Cactus trees can be seen on Phuong Mai peninsula as well as in the Eo Gio strait. The area is dubbed ‘mini Sahara’ in Quy Nhon.
The region is also home to hundreds of bird species, most of whom live in the Con Chim mangrove forest.
A fresh water lagoon can be found at the foot of the sand dunes in Phuong Mai.
Lotus flower can be seen growing in the fresh water lagoon.
The majestic sand dunes are largely situated along national highway 19B in the Phuong Mai area. Entrance to the area is free. Visitors are advised to bring protective clothing and other items to combat the extreme heat.

Picturesque giant sand dunes in Quy Nhon

(VOVWORLD) - The golden sand dunes of Phuong Mai peninsula in Quy Nhon city are the ideal place for travelers to enjoy activities such as sand sliding this summer.