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A graceful young woman in a traditional long dress. (Photo: Giang Trinh)
Long gowns in vivid colors are favored by Vietnamese women.
Nguyen Thuy Nga and her friends look charming in their long dresses.
Thuy Nga, a teacher at FPT University, says every year she and her friends make a photo album of themselves wearing Ao Dai as a keepsake of Tet.
Minh Hanh, who lives and works in Hai Phong, says Vietnamese women are more attractive when they wear Ao Dai.
Against the busy rhythm of modern life, the Ao Dai honors the traditional values and charm of Vietnamese women.
The flower gardens of Nhat Tan feature bouquets of charming women in Ao Dai these days.
Recent years have seen modern Ao Dai with innovative designs and patterns
Children are very eager to wear Ao Dai during Tet.
Thuy Thuy says wearing Ao Dai creates a sacred and solemn atmosphere for the Tet holiday. Thuy says she wants her children to appreciate traditional values while they are still small.

Traditional Ao Dai for Tet

(VOVWORLD) - Ao Dai, the traditional Vietnamese long dress, is very popular during Tet. These gowns, in the graceful traditional style or more colorful and innovative styles, enhance the charm of Vietnamese women. 

Lan Anh